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7 Ways to Help the Body Detoxify

In modern life, our bodies’ are exposed every day to a huge number of potentially harmful toxins and substances that are less than desirable in the body. These come from processed foods, chemicals used in farming practices and cleaning products, alcohol, and environmental sources such as pollution and moulds to name a few. Our bodies’ have a variety of different systems designed to handle the toxin load, though sometimes these can become backed-up or sluggish as it’s an ever-continuous process. Inadequate detoxification leads to many chronic disease states, and lowers our ability to fend of pathogens.   

While the word “detoxification” might make you think of a dreaded juice fast, there are plenty of quick and easy ways to support your body’s various detoxification processes on a daily basis to support overall health, and long-term wellbeing.

1.       Infrared Saunas – sweating is an effective way to excrete many harmful substances from the body including heavy metals and BPA from plastics. There are plenty of affordable places around Brisbane offering Infrared Sauna sessions. 45 minutes is all you need, just remember to drink plenty of water either side of your session.

2.       Lymphatics  – Your lymphatic system is made up of glands or “nodes”, organs and pathways which together make, store, and carry white blood cells around your body to fight off infections from pathogens. It’s an incredibly important part of your body’s immune defence system as well as detoxification. The lymphatic fluid relies solely on movement of the body’s muscle to pump it around the body; this can happen either through exercise, or through manual techniques such as dry brushing or lymphatic drainage massage.

To try dry bushing for yourself, you’ll need only a natural bristle brush. It’s best to do right before you hop in the shower. Starting from the soles of your feet, run the brush in long straight, sweeping motions over your dry skin. Brush over the skin several times, always moving in the direction of the closest lymph gland, or heart. Do this at least three times per week.

3.       Contrast Showering – Just by alternating the temperature of the shower water you can regulate your blood circulation, support your immunity and lymphatic system, as well as boost mood and metabolism.

To try for yourself, hop in the shower and follow your normal routine under warm water. Before hopping out, switch the water temperature to as cold as you can tolerate and run it over your whole body for at least 30 seconds. Switch back to warm water for the same length of time. Repeat four or five times, increasing the hot and cold temperatures incrementally as much as you can tolerate. Ensure you finish on cold before stepping out of the shower, energized and ready to start your day. People with very low blood pressure should take care and cease if they feel lightheaded.

4.       Sleep – Sleeping is your body’s best opportunity to repair and cleanse. Ensure you are getting at least 7 hours a night, preferably on a consistent schedule to aid digestion, tissue regeneration and cleansing via the brains self-cleaning function (glymphatic system) and the liver.

5.       Just Breath – Breathing is how your body excretes cardon dioxide and many other substances. Interestingly, when you lose weight, you actually breath around 80% of it out! There are many breathing techniques you can try, such as Box Breathing or Alternate Nostril Breathing. These are great to do when getting in or out of bed for the day to calm the nervous system, or even sitting at traffic lights or at your desk. Remember to breath deeply, filling your lungs and expanding your abdomen, not just your chest. To check you are doing this effectively, place a hand above your navel and one on your chest. As you breath deeply, you should feel your abdomen is rising, and falling as you exhale.  

6.       Body Movement – Moving your body through exercise combines lymphatic stimulation, deep breathing and sweating all into one activity making it an incredible way to support detoxification naturally. The best news is there are so many different forms, every one can find something they enjoy whether it’s gentle like yoga, Qi Gong, and walks in nature, or more intense options like team sports, aquarobics or a body combat class. 

7.       Water – Water is needed for an incredible variety of functions in the body including breathing, sweating and detoxification via the kidneys. Even as we move into the cooler months, ensure you are still adequately hydrated – most adults need around 2L per day, though individual needs can be discussed with your practitioner. Starting the morning with a glass of water is the perfect way to get your metabolism kick started for the day.

If you feel it’s time for a holistic detoxification process, our practitioners would love to help by tailor-making a Detox program specifically aimed at helping you restore your wellness and reaching your personal health goals.