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Morkare Natural clinic is (Brisbane-based) leading naturopath and homeopath clinic in Australia who has been helping many Australians with alopecia, hair thinning, hair fall, hair loss in men and women, postpartum hair loss, premature balding. If you are looking for the best natural hair loss treatment for females or males, you are in the right place.

Are you concerned about your hair falling or hair thinning?

Morkare Natural Clinic is a (Brisbane-based) leading naturopath and homeopath clinic in Australia that has been helping many Australians with alopecia, hair thinning, hair fall, hair loss in men and women, postpartum hair loss, and premature balding. If you are looking for the best natural hair loss treatment for females or males, you are in the right place.

Hair can fall in place either:

  • Partially
  • Complete ( Universal)
Alopecia means hair loss from one or more areas on the head and body. There are many types of alopecia seen in males and females. Here are the common types of alopecia seen
  • Male pattern baldness: This is a type of hair loss and thinning common in adults. It is also called androgenetic alopecia. The hair loss starts at the hairline above the temples and leads to a receding hairline. It is followed by hair loss on top of the head (the crown), leaving behind a horseshoe-shaped pattern of hair.

  • Female pattern baldness: Similar to Male pattern baldness, this is also known as Androgenetic alopecia More commonly seen in women with menopause (internal link). The hair loss pattern may be different for males, as hair loss may start at the hairline and then progress. The main cause for this condition is high levels of androgens and low female hormones. Commonly seen in women with Androgenic Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome ( PCOS) (Internal link) 

  • Alopecia areata (link to Naturepathics Blog) is considered an auto-immune condition where immunity attacks the hair follicles. At Morkare Natural Clinic, we have treated many children and adults with Alopecia Areata by supporting the immune system, treating infection, improving the gut microbiome, and balancing biochemistry. Stress can be a common cause of alopecia areata in adults, and hence working on lifestyle and stress management solutions helps reduce inflammation and heal alopecia areata. Alopecia areata is easy to identify as it usually causes hair loss in coin-shaped circular patches on the scalp, beard, and face.

  • Telogen effluvium: This condition is different from Alopecia Areata, as hair fall in Telogen effluvium causes the body to completely cease hair growth. This leads to temporary hair loss. The immune system goes through a big shock and affects human biochemistry at deeper levels. But with a holistic approach, treating the gut microbiome, reducing stress, and improving lifestyle and nutrition, we notice the regrowth of healthy hair.

Causes of Hair Fall (Alopecia):

  1. Genetics: Although hard to change, by having a healthy lifestyle oftentimes, the condition can remain dormant.
  2. Stress is the number one most common cause of hair fall we see in our clinic. Stress can lead to hormonal changes and poor lifestyle choices. This may lead to secondary infections and changes in the gut microbiome, and systemically, the body would feel more emotionally and physically stressed.

Trichotillomania is a mental health condition in which people feel a strong urge to pull out their hair.

    1. Hormonal Imbalance: We often see many women with alopecia and hair thinning postpartum. Although it is common to lose some hair post-delivery of a child, it is not okay to lose hair in clusters or develop alopecia aerate. Some women develop alopecia after taking oral contraceptive pills or strong medications for other disease conditions. Male-pattern baldness can also develop with high levels of androgens in the body in both male and female patients.
  • Nutritional deficiencies: vitamin D deficiency, iron deficiency, zinc deficiency, multi-mineral deficiencies, and poor absorption of nutrients can lead to system inflammation and hair loss.
    1. Infection: Bacterial, Viral, and Yeast infections can trigger Alopecia – yeast, tinea, etc.
  • Poor gut microbiome: It is very important to understand the gut microbiome, especially in this condition. The gut is a major vessel in your body that helps absorb nutrients, fight infection, detoxify your body from harmful toxins, balance your neurochemistry, and keep you optimal. Having a poor gut microbiome can further lead to nutrient deficiencies, and we often see patients taking supplements but not benefiting from them. Poor gut microbiome can also lead to overgrowth of bad bacteria, causing depletion of good bacteria, and secondary diseases and infections can lead to more health complications. Poor gut microbiome is oftentimes the most common problem in people suffering from autoimmune diseases, sleep disorders, and behavioral problems.
  • Chemical sensitivity: In most auto-immune inflammatory diseases, we often see people having high levels of toxic heavy metals and possibly low levels of essential nutrients. This biochemical imbalance, along with high histamine levels, can lead to chemical sensitivity in patients. Shampoos, conditioners, or other chemicals may react on the patient’s skin causing alopecia
  • Strong medication reactions: Patients on chemotherapy drugs or other strong immunosuppressants may experience hair fall. 
  • Other skin conditions: Psoriasis is a common inflammatory skin condition that may cause hair fall, as this condition affects the hair follicles.

Symptoms of Alopecia Areata

  • The skin may appear normal
  • Hair loss may take place in patches
  • One or more circular patches of hair loss may occur on the scalp
  • The skin may have an itchy or burning feeling in affected areas. 
  • Occasionally, alopecia may spread and all the bald patches merge together, and then there is total hair loss. 
  • Total hair loss of the scalp is called alopecia totalis.
  • Total Hair loss all over the body is called Alopecia Universalis
  • Some bald patches may look red, swollen, or blistery. This leads to Scarring Alopecia

Our treatment approach:

At Morkare Natural Clinic, we believe in treating the whole body. We believe that most inflammatory disease conditions, such as alopecia areata, come from an imbalance in the body. Our approach consists of knowledge, experience, and research from the best naturopaths, nutritionists, and homeopaths in Brisbane. Our treatment protocols are tailored to each patient’s individual needs.

We would support an adult with alopecia by looking after the following factors:

  • Stress management: Stress can trigger hair loss, so we help our patients develop stress-management techniques.
  • Lifestyle management: We help our patients make healthy lifestyle choices, such as eating a balanced diet, getting enough sleep, and exercising regularly.
  • Nutritional deficiencies: We test our patients for nutritional deficiencies and recommend supplements as needed.
  • Heavy metal toxicity: We organise test our patients for heavy metal toxicity and provide detoxification support as needed.
  • Managing infections: We help our patients manage any infections that may be contributing to their hair loss.
  • Boosting the immune system: We help our patients boost their immune system to fight off infection and promote healing.
  • Improving gut microbiome: We help our patients improve their gut microbiome, which can help to reduce inflammation and improve overall health.

We highly recommend consulting with our highly  qualified natural health practitioners team at Morkare for a personalised guidance. Our treatments complement other natural and conventional treatments such as creams and ointments. Although we do believe in treating the skin from within, our medicines and treatments can be taken along side with most creams and ointments.

There are a number of ways our natural health therapist team at Morkare Natural Clinic has helped people with Hair loss

We highly recommend consulting with our highly qualified natural health practitioner team at Morkare for personalised guidance. Please let our team design a treatment protocol that is natural and holistic, works with your conventional treatment if needed, and promotes a better quality of life.

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