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Jessica Kramer, Herbalist and Clinical Nutritionst

Jessica is a passionate Herbalist and Clinical Nutritionist, holding two bachelor’s degrees from the Southern School of Natural Therapies and Torrens University.
Her main passion lies in treating conditions associated with the vaginal microbiome, having additional training in this space (e.g. thrush/RVVC, bacterial vaginosis, menopause, STIs etc.). Working with women and children have formed the main component of her clinical practice, and dealing with the complexities of hormonal conditions and modern-day stressors are of great interest.
Clinical nutrition is a strength of hers, identifying that food is the basis of all health. Her expertise allows both specialised nutritional meal planning, or generalised discussion on how to tweak your current diet to maximise potential for healing in particular conditions.

Meet Drew - Receptionist at Morkare. Enjoys meeting diverse people and witnessing their health improvements with natural medicine. Passionate about naturopathy and exploring doula work

Drew is our wornderful receptionist at Morkare Natural Clinic. Brisbane’s best Naturopath clinic specialising in women and chidlren health. Allergy test , PCOS, Fertility, Eczema, and Acne

Meet Altaf Morkas - Owner and Clinic Manager at Morkare Natural. Committed to quality care, community support, and continuous improvement.

Altaf Morkas

Owner and Clinic Manager

Altaf Morkas
Brisbane’s best Naturopath
Top Naturopath clinic in brisbane
Smart Intelligent

Shenaz Morkas Best Naturopath and Best Homeopath in Brisbane Australia

Shenaz Morkas

Homeopath, Naturopath , Director

Dr Shenaz Morkas, Brisbane’s best Naturopath and Homeopath