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Blood tests to bring at your appointment

At Morkare, prioritising your health is our paramount concern. While we don’t function as a conventional medical practice and encourage consulting with your qualified GP for medical diagnoses, we eagerly analyse your blood work for indications of inflammation, deficiencies, and hormonal imbalances.

For your initial appointment, we recommend bringing copies of all blood tests, scans, X-rays, and other investigations conducted by medical professionals. Even if your condition remains undetermined, providing these results will aid us in devising effective treatment plans for both you and your child, if applicable, and tracking progress throughout your treatment journey.

Our approach is data-oriented. Below, we outline the blood tests we typically require:

General Wellness:

  • Full Blood Count (FBC) – fasting: Measures various blood components, such as red blood cells, white blood cells, and platelets.

  • Liver function: Evaluates liver performance by measuring enzyme, protein, and bilirubin levels.
  • ESR (Erythrocyte Sedimentation Rate): Detects inflammation in the body by measuring the rate at which red blood cells settle.
  • CRP (C-Reactive Protein): Indicates inflammation levels in the body.
  • TSH (Thyroid Stimulating Hormone): Evaluates thyroid function.
  • Iron Studies: Measures markers related to iron levels.
  • Vitamin D: Evaluates vitamin D levels.
  • Vitamin B12: Assesses vitamin B12 levels.
  • Additional tests as advised by your medical professional.


  • Full Blood Count (FBC) – fasting: Same as above, with fasting.
  • Iron Studies: Same as above, measuring various markers related to iron levels.
  • Zinc: Evaluates zinc levels.
  • Vitamin B12: Assesses vitamin B12 levels.
  • Vitamin D: Evaluates vitamin D levels.
  • Female Hormones (FSH, LH, Oestrogen, Progesterone): Regulates menstrual cycle and fertility.
  • AMH (Anti-Mullerian Hormone): Indicates ovarian reserve.
  • Stress Hormones (Cortisol, DHEA): Affects fertility.
  • Additional tests as advised by your medical professional.

For blood test collection, we exclusively work with QML Laboratory. Even if your doctor refers you to another lab, QML accepts most forms. Our QML code is BMS7F. For more information please learn more at QML site 

If you can’t see your medical professional or obtain the necessary blood tests, we can arrange referrals for similar investigations through a private laboratory.

If you choose another laboratory besides QML, please ensure you bring copies of your results to your appointment or upload them to your health records.

Please note:

Morkare Natural Clinic doesn’t replace the role of a medical doctor. We strongly advise consulting your doctor for medical guidance. We collaborate with your chosen medical professionals for holistic treatment.

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