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Morkare natural health clinic

Award-Winning Women and Childrens' natural clinic

Helping with Allergies, Autism, Eczema, PCOS and Fertility

Morkare Natural Clinic is a multi-award winning natural therapies clinic helping women and children revert back to health using Naturopathy

Why choose us?

At our clinic, caring isn’t just a promise, it’s the foundation of everything we do for women and children’s health. We believe in a holistic approach that goes beyond symptoms to address the root of your concerns. Here’s how we show that care:

  • We truly listen: Your voice matters, and we take the time to understand your unique needs and goals.
  • We go deeper than symptoms: We use thorough assessments and diagnostic tools to discover underlying factors affecting your well-being.
  • We walk the journey with you: You’re never alone. We dedicate personalized time and support throughout your health journey.
  • We empower, not overwhelm: We believe in simple, sustainable solutions tailored to your lifestyle.
  • Science meets tradition: We leverage the latest research alongside proven traditional methods for optimal outcomes.
  • Well-being without worries: We make quality healthcare accessible and affordable, ensuring everyone can thrive.
  • No one-size-fits-all: We individualize treatment plans to fit your unique needs, not a formula.
  • No guesswork, just results: We employ evidence-based approaches to ensure your journey leads to lasting well-being.

Hence, we are awarded one of Brisbane’s best Natural Therapy Clinics for Women’s and Children’s Health

Awards & Recognition

Our Health Programs

We offer specialised programs that tailors to your health needs. Our programs are easy to follow, and practical for everyday use. Each program consists of 4 appointments with our therapist who will guide you through your health journey. Our programs are structured to target each system of your body step by step. In each appointment the therapist will analyse and assess how your body is responding to the treatment.


shift your health

We give you the support to succeed

Supportive Healing Spaces at Morkare - Our mission is to create environments where patients feel cared for and therapists are driven to help people live better lives.
Morkare is working towards building more of such healing spaces where a patient feels cared for, nurtured and healed and every therapist feels driven, passionate and supported in helping people live better lives.

High-Quality Homeopathy medicines for women’s health and children available to buy online. 

Happy clients

What our patients are saying 

Absolutely fantastic. I have seen Shenaz and Rebecca and can highly recommend both. It was great to have a simple and easy program to follow. The results have been incredible. Thank you so much!

Louise M

Shenaz is amazing, not only is she incredibly knowledgeable unlike anyone I have met, transparent and extremely vigilant but she is immensely warm and kind. I am so looking forward to having Shenaz assist myself and my son on our journey to better health. I highly recommend Shenaz and this clinic to anyone looking for a holistic approach to their health. I would also like to add that everyone I have had the pleasure of dealing with in the clinic has also been an absolute pleasure 🙂

Eladia Marvilla