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Are you looking to balance your hormones and moods? Do you want to feel calm and more balanced throughout with great energy and good sleep?

The rebalance program is designed to balance your hormones making you feel calmer and balanced throughout the month. You will be feeling balanced within 4 simple steps that are tailored to your condition.
This program may help with the following symptoms:
  • Irregular periods
  • Painful periods and Heavy Periods
  • PMS or PMDD
  • Mood swings and Low energy
  • Looking for conception
  • Looking for IVF treatment support
  • Coming off the pill and wanting to balance hormones naturally
  • Balancing moods and hormones generally
  • Balancing hormones post pregnancy and post miscarriage
  • Headaches Migraines due to periods
  • Sleep disturbances and irritability associated with periods
  • Foggy headedness
  • Weight gain or weight loss associated with periods
  • Perimenopause
Our expert therapists work as a team to target each body system step by step. You will be seeing us for 4 appointments during which we will look after you. In each appointment, we will be identifying, measuring and healing. We will guide you through each step to suit your lifestyle and requirements. We will empower you with the knowledge of your health in order to create lasting change. A program is not time specific and may last 12 or more weeks depending on your needs.


Step 1 : Oestrogen and Adrenals : to reduce inflammation and balance energy

Step 2: Gut Nutrition :  to work on gut microbiome specific to hormones

Step 3: Refuel : to restore essential nutrients that aid hormone and energy balancing

Step 4: Balance: to balance the essential hormones


  • Easy to follow
  • You will take only few supplements at a time
  • We will be targeting each system of the body step by step to work with body and not overwhelm it
  • You will guided by our expert therapist at each step
  • You will be accessed and treated according to your needs
  • You will benefit from the treatment in a short time.
  • You will get personalised care and support.

If you have ticked one or more of the above symptoms, then this program will help you.