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What is Naturopathy ?

Naturopathy is a complementary medicine that focuses on treating the whole person, rather than just the symptoms of an illness or disease. It involves using natural remedies such as herbal medicines, homeopathy, nutritional supplements, and lifestyle changes in order to to address the underlying causes of illness and promote optimal health.

Naturopaths also take into account a patient's mental and emotional well-being, as well as their physical health.

The aim of naturopathy is to support the body's natural healing processes and to prevent illness from occurring in the first place. Hence Naturopathy is a popular complementary medicine and works well alongside conventional and other complimentary therapies.

Naturopathy addresses a person’s health holistically, taking into account physical, mental, dietary, and lifestyle factors, and uses a combination of interventions tailored to the state of ill health. Rather than treating individual symptoms or a band aid solution, naturopathy investigates the root cause of ill health and facilitates healing.
Naturopathy can assist in a wide range of health conditions, including hormonal disregulation, gastrointestinal concerns, fertility and post-partum issues, stress resilience, and immune conditions in adults, teens, and children. Common conditions treated successfully at Morkare include menstrual irregularity, endometriosis, PCOS, IBS, mood disorders, fatigue, acne, weight concerns, autoimmune conditions, skin conditions, and nutritional deficiencies.

At Morkare, our naturopaths listen, understand and access a clinical condition and the patients needs during an initial assessment. Our practitioners design a treatment plan tailored to that individual that may include herbal or homeopathic medicines, supplements, dietary recommendations, and lifestyle advice.Our practitioners follow treatment processes and protocol that have been created by experts with years of experience and updated scientific research hence making the treatment more effective.

Morkare’s practitioners will work with you to create prescriptions that won’t feel too overwhelming, will systematically address the root cause of your health concerns and will be tailored to suit your individual lifestyle. 

Through looking at your health holistically – not just individual organs or systems, but how the whole is coming together – plus recognising how the diet, lifestyle and environmental factors are all impacting your wellbeing.

By keeping medications and recommendations to a manageable level at each step of your journey so you are able to realistically implement the changes, stay consistent with the medicines. Steady, sustainable improvement is the best way to support you towards long term good health. 

At Morkare our practitioners spend an extensive amount of time getting to understand your health concerns and lifestyle so your treatment can be individualised. All appointments, including follow ups, are up to 1 hour so we can discuss, investigate and thoroughly address your health concerns. Consultations at Morkare include thorough physical examination, and may include a little of our own special M.A.G.I.C in the form of breathwork and mindfulness techniques to have you leaving your appointment feeling revived and ready to take on life.
Our practitioners have a unique and extensive herbal, homoeopathic and nutraceutical dispensary on-site to individualise your treatment, allowing you to leave your consultation with everything you need to get started on your path to wellness.

  • We do not overprescribe, unlike others. We like to keep things simple because we understand that the human body permits healing in a gentle, systematic order. We would only provide supplements to enhance or speed up the healing process. We supplement only for a duration that is suitable for our age, condition, and lifestyle.
  • We do not overwhelm the body by trying to fix too many problems too quickly; for example, we first boost the body and prepare it for detox before we detox the body. This way, we minimize the common symptoms during a detox. In fact, our patients feel more vitalized and stronger during a detox.
  • We take the time to really understand your lifestyle or barriers to healing before designing a treatment plan for you. We like to see results, and we want to make sure that the positive results we see also include a positive lifestyle and approach.
  • Our unique shared-care model means you’ll have a team of practitioners supporting you throughout your wellness journey. practitioners who are passionate about supporting you every step of the way. Morkare Natural Clinic provides a place for the health of the whole family to be supported.
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