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Homeopath, Naturopath , Director

Shenaz Morkas

Hi, I am Shenaz Morkas. Owner and Director at Morkare Natural.

I love working at Morkare with women and children especially infants and newborns to assist with allergies, eczema, infection prevention and gut issues.

I prepare tailored homeopathic blends and treat holistically. I am passionate about building a stronger immune system for little children to fight colds, infections and allergies in a natural way. I also have helped many couples with fertility treatments and Ivf supports.

Nothing excites me more than seeing a family growing and we continuing to support the family members with all needs.

I come from a family of doctors and worked in hospitals and medical centres. My training allows me to read medical reports and hence I can use that well with treating my patients more holistically.

I have served as President for the Australian Association of Professional Homeopaths from 2010 to 2013 and Board of Directors for Complementary Medicine Association. It brings me great joy to contribute to standards and welfare of Natural therapies all across Australia. 

Shenaz was invitated for an intimate "Lord Mayor's Women in Business Luncheon" for her commendable work for women in Brisbane.


Meet Shenaz Morkas, award winning, honourable and reputable Homeopath/Naturopath who has helped many women and children with eczema, allergies, PCOS and fertility.

Phone: 07 3172 5035
Address: 789 Logan Road, Holland Park West, QLD 4121

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