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Christina Skinner

Christina is a qualified Naturopath who provides client-centered care and loves helping her clients feel confident to make healthy choices for themselves. She is passionate and committed to caring and hence is always researching to keep up with the latest information to ensure positive client outcomes.

As a mother of two young children herself, she understands the challenges that can occur when you lead a busy and stressful lifestyle. Women often experience non-specific symptoms such as fatigue, weight gain, inflammation, and an overall feeling of burnout. She can help you find the root cause of your issues and help you reset to feel your best again.

Pregnancy and breastfeeding demand a lot of essential nutrients, which can leave women feeling depleted. Using evidence-based education, she can help restore your nervous system, rebalance your hormones, and correct any nutritional deficiencies to nourish and nurture your body.

At home, food and cooking are big passions of hers, and she loves preparing nutritious meals from different cultures with her family and finding new ways to introduce healthy new foods to her children.

She has a special interest in:

  • Women’s health conditions and reproductive care- including endometriosis, PCOS,
    PMS/PMDD, fertility, post-natal depletion, and menopause
  • Children’s Heath- Infant Health, Allergies, Eczema, Immune Support, and
Meet Christina - Qualified Naturopath dedicated to client-centered care. Specializes in women's health, reproductive care, and children's health. Committed to helping clients make healthy choices for vibrant well-being.

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