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Before you try boosting your immune system by taking supplements, you may need to understand what is immune system. While we’ve all heard about how important our immune system is to protect us from bugs, viruses and pathogens, many people don’t realise just how many bodily systems and organs are involved in keeping us happy and healthy. 

Firstly, our bone marrow is the place where our white blood cells are produced. While there are a number of different types of white blood cells, they all work to detect and protect us from infections. Some white blood cells fight bacteria, some are involved in allergic reactions, others defend us from viruses and produce antibodies which block pathogens from entering our cells. 

The bone marrow is part of our Lymphatic system which also includes our spleen, thymus and glands, such as adenoids, tonsils, and the glands in your arm pits that you might have felt get sore and enlarged when you’ve been sick. These glands, sometimes called nodes, are filtration points where germs are trapped. They then stimulate the making of special antibodies in the blood to fight the particular germ. It is within the lymphatic system where the immune cells actually wage their war against pathogens. 

The liver protects us from threats such as harmful bacteria and environmental toxins entering our bodies via the gut – these will have come from food or water we’ve consumed and are carried to the liver from the intestine via our blood. The liver detects, captures, and disposes of bacteria and viruses, as well as toxins and heavy metals amongst its many other jobs. 

Our lines of defence don’t stop there though. The skin acts as a physical barrier to keep nasties out, and we produce mucus to help trap and flush away pathogens. We even make our own anti-bacterial enzymes that can be found in the airways, saliva, and tears, and our stomach acid creates an environment in which many bacteria and pathogens cannot survive. 

Immune defences are so intrinsically built into every part of our body, but if one part isn’t working optimally you can’t expect the whole to. At Morkare, we understand that keeping the immune defences resilient requires a holistic approach. We have developed our Immune Boost Protocol to address the underlying causes of poor health, teach you how to provide your body the necessary building blocks through nutrition, and to help you boost your immune defences to reduce occurrence of coughs, colds or flus, and to help you recover faster when they do occur.